At Ruja Health we are committed to making you feel better. We specialized in working with our clients to figure out their issues and get them on the right track. We work with a variety of patients including individuals who need pain relief all the way to athletes who are having joint problems. We also work with clients who suffer from vertigo, migraines and other

We offer the following services to help heal your pain:

    • Chiropractic care

    • Acupuncture

    • Therapeutic massage

    • Sports massage

    • Spinal decompression

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Trust our 20 plus years of experience in relieving our clients from pain! Our team specializes in biomechanics this studies the skeletal and muscular systems and how they work under different conditions.


Chiropractic care at Ruja Heath starts with an evaluation from our trained chiropractors. They evaluate your current health situation and develop a treatment regimen for your exact problems! You can trust Ruja Heath to recalibrate your spine to realign your body. This back pain can come from car accidents, poor posture or even lifestyle, we are here to help you heal and be pain free! If you have vertigo, chronic migraines or stress we can help relieve that issue with Acupuncture Treatments. If you currently compete in races sign up for a sports massage. We can help you prepare for your upcoming 5K or sporting event.


Come in for a consultation and let us figure out to solve your pain problems! Give us a call to set up an appointment to solve your problems today!

How do you want to treat your back pain?

  1. Spinal Injection
  2. Medication
  3. Surgery

Does medication and surgery work?

"Researchers reviewed records from 1,450 patients in the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation database who had diagnoses of disc degeneration, disc herniation or radiculopathy, a nerve condition that causes tingling and weakness of the limbs. Half of the patients had surgery to fuse two or more vertebrae in hopes of curing low back pain. The other half had no surgery, even though they had comparable diagnoses."

After two years, only 26 percent of those who had surgery had actually returned to work. That’s compared to 67 percent of patients who didn’t have the surgery, even though they had the same exact diagnosis.In another troubling finding, the researchers determined that there was a 41 percent increase in the use of painkillers, particularly opiates, in those who had the surgery. Last year we reported that deaths from addictive painkillers has doubled in the last 10 years."

The study provides clear evidence that for many patients, fusion surgeries designed to alleviate pain from degenerating discs doesn’t work, says the study’s lead author Dr. Trang Nguyen, a researcher at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

That translates to a resounding 74% failure rate! It also suggests that you have a 25% better chance of returning to work IF YOU AVOID SURGERY in the first place!

The RUJA Method

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