Our Mission to you :

Alpha & Omega Wellness Center has the desire to educate the families of El Paso on the Chiropractic vision of wellness and personal self worth through the application of Chiropractic medicine, physical training, and well being.


Make the right choice

Taking pain medications has shown to cause long-term adverse affects. Pain medication is the remedy of reducing pain within the body, however this is a temporary treatment and signs of pain will continue until it is property treated. Do not rely on medications. Providing the right tools and treatment will not only make you feel better, but the treatments are designed to last. Let us help you. 


We're not your typical Chiropractic center. 

We have been in the El Paso area over six years and we have provided the upmost recoverable treatment for many patients. We are not in the business of treating & releasing, but rather helping you get to your health goals by working with you one to one with care.-yay or nay?

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If you are experiencing chronic or acute pain please take the action to decompress your pain and continue to live your life without pain. Fill out and submit the form below so we can learn more about you and your concerns.

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